Frequently Asked Questions

1200 words is the minimum words limit of an article .

Well it takes maximum 24 hours to approved a article but sometimes it could be early if possible conditions.

Disable article : The  article has been rejected and it will not published . (*Due to violation of article guidelines or any other reason or contains copyright content)

Need improvement: If the article need little bit improvement such as inserting images , increase words etc . Our team at airworld send it back to author for improvement.(*it should not violate our guidelines but it should follow major rules of our guidelines in order to give improvement otherwise it will disabled.)

Yes obviously , you can join anywhere from the world. 

There is no issue with payment.

$10 dollars is the minimum withdrawl limit through Paytm, Paypal and Bhim UPI.

$20 dollars is the minimum withdrawl limit through skrill only.

Well article should be in under our article guidelines in order to approve by our team.

If you still confuse analyse our others approved article published on AirWorld.

No, you can't write an article which is not suitable for our available category.

No, we are not accepting article on different languages rather than english.

Hits: Hits are calculated on the basis of how many times  visitors visits your article.

while Views are calculated as how many times a visitor visit and read your article properly.

No, You cannot use your personal website link on our articles but if it referal link

you can use such as related to topics.

You were recieved a mail when your id get banned and on that mail you can see there is number of days were mention.

No , you can't able to delete articles after published at airworld as it was property as we mentioned already in our terms and policies.

No, but yes if you delete your article on your own site then we allowed to published article on airworld.